Why Hexham and Slaley Arts and Crafts?

Hexham Art Club has had to suspend meetings due to the COVID19 outbreak. We had several tutors lined up and some projects which we hoped would lead to exhibitions. Slaley has a Craft Group which has found it difficult to meet recently. It seemed that we could share some projects with a view to having an exhibition when the outbreak is over and people can meet again.

....and from Gillian today .... Thanks

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Thanks Pat for these lovely miniatures

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Hello! Slaley Crafters and others in HAC

Here is Dorothy's Dragon!

and Unicorn.

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Can you add to our craft section?

Send your pictures to stellacdouglas@gmail.com

This is called 'Late Winter' - A journey through the countryside. Made of tweed from Woolfest and other fabrics.Some details in stitching.Sue Allen

Thanks Sue

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Dorothy's Unicorn

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Project 1 - design a wine label by Terry Douglas

Project 2 - the Miniaturists

Project 3 - The Patchwork


arriving soon

Project 4


Look at Terry's Cork Art 

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Why is there a Peregrine Falcon on this label?

These are not adverts.

Just things which might be of interest

Remember Jason Skill. 

I am very grateful that he has allowed me to add his website to this.

Thanks Jason.


Worth a look.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Fiona Carvell has put two drawing sessions for free access on her facebook page. She is also putting together an online pastels course starting 3rd April (not free). thought perhaps some members may be interested..

If people contribute, three galleries of photos will appear on this site so that you can see the arts and crafts produced by the community.