Hexham&Slaley Arts and Crafts 2020

Why Hexham and Slaley Arts and Crafts?

Hexham Art Club has had to suspend meetings due to the COVID19 outbreak. We had several tutors lined up and some projects which we hoped would lead to exhibitions. Slaley has a Craft Group which has found it difficult to meet recently. It seemed that we could share some projects with a view to having an exhibition when the outbreak is over and people can meet again.

Please respect other people's need to socially distance


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thanks Max! and thanks Pat

From Lesley and


As you can see, Ian has been busy.

The sheep in the snow might well do as a weather picture.

Email any weather pictures to me at stellacdouglas@gmail.com

Some February Pictures

Super pictures from Valery in Latvia to cheer us all up.

Thanks Gillian

Gillian has been busy ...... easy to spot who this is: such a good portrait.

Thanks to Ian Hancock for the lovely Autumn colours.

Above is Gibside and to the right Ryal.

Only two votes for the wine label prize so I will try this another time.

a little bit of cheer from Valery in Latvia

Autumn. Thank you Sue

Autumn Hedgerow aka Spot the Birdie.

Done in watercolour: blackberries, rose hips and bryony berries.🍁

Thanks Joan

Crib Gogh from Ged

From Ian, who says.....

......I ought to say that the piccie was really done to test out the brush pens I used, was done a while ago, and is a semi-steal from the web.....

.....and this from Ged today too ......


Thanks Gillian

A  lovely dog picture from my Latvian guest - Valerija Cvetkova

.... and an Owl too .....

Afternoon Fun from Gillian

Antipodean Pictures from Phil

Thanks to these four paintings from Ed and Geoff

Lovely Golden moments from Pat

Great to hear from Val and receive these pictures.

From Ian

Thanks Max

Thanks Geoff and Ed

Thanks Olwen

Eigg and Rum from Arisaig - 

Max's fabulous log basket above and painting of Barf taken in the autumn from the White Swan in Thornthwaite .

Sue Allen

The titles are:‘Cow parsley on the Woolley road’ and ‘Autumn hedgerow berries’.

Thanks Geoff - three paintings and Ed curating the Lock-down gallery

Woodnook, misty morning by Ian Hancock

Lead Road, Snow also by Ian: many thanks for these truly lovely pictures

Olwen's felty Cheviot

View from Friar's Crag by Max

Max just finished this. Thanks Max.

Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddleduck

Thanks Olwen

....and who made this? Look in the craft section to see.....

Can anyone identify these ducks, found in the Slaley Vicarage garden??


Thanks Max

from Olwen....

.....shell ducks at sunset. It's an imaginary landscape but I've tried to create a dramatic sky.

This is from an Ehrman tapestry kit, entitled "Day Four: Sun, Moon and Stars". It was completed before Christmas for Michael’s study:

The title refers to this biblical piece "And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years: And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so. And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also."
Jean Elphick

From Carol, started at Christmas and completed in lock-down

Best wishes from David and Jane

..... a tudor dress version of the last supper in acrylic 36"x24". We are both well here and adapting to a new way of life. Do pass on our greetings to everyone in the club.

where Ged would like to be?

From Max - Bravo!

and from Sue

Oil on board

click on the picture to see a lovely detailed image.

from Geoff

Where he should have been this week: Skiathos

and Gillian should have been in Portugal

here is her 'window art', there is more on instagram

From Ian

The Young Lad

and from Gillian

From Lesley: lovely miniatures which can be seen in more detail in the Gallery

Olwen's Felty Sheep

Taking inspiration from Moy Mackay, Olwen has however produced this from imagination.

Click on the link to see some examples.

Click on the picture to get a bigger version.

Thanks Olwen.

- Ged's Retirement

Pat's daily challenge pictures - I will add a link when I can

From Joan. The seascape refuses to behave: if you click on it you get the whole picture

Debra's Dolphins -

.... a doodle and the door from Dave ....

From Ged - keeping busy!

Geoff and Ed - en plein aire

From Gillian who is taking up a daily challenge

Valerija Cvetkova

A very kind contribution from my Guest from Latvia.


Guess who?

answers to Martyn!

To the right is Nikki's "Hare".

She reminds me that Jane Mckacken was going to come to do a session with us...  this Hare is in biro, Jane was going to teach us the techniques.

Move your cursor over the Hare, it will blur, then click and you get an enlarged and detailed reproduction.

On an iPad, just click.

From John Towner, one for the Gallery when I can get it started.

....and to the left is Ed's "Cocktails"

Thanks Dorothy! What a splendid beasts!

click on the picture above to get to the Craft Gallery

Olhoa, Portugal, Acrylic, Ed Hardy

Geoff painting in Frigiliana, watercolour, Ed Hardy

Newton by the Sea, watercolour, Ed Hardy

Edinburgh doors, watercolour, Geoff Swinney

River confluence, acrylic on board, Geoff Swinney

Hexham twilight, watercolour, Geoff Swinney. Left.

Hexham, Ed Hardy, pen and watercolour. Right.

....and from Gillian .... Thanks

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Thanks Pat for these lovely miniatures

click here to see them in the Gallery

Hello! Slaley Crafters and others in HAC

Here is Dorothy's Dragon!

and Unicorn below

click  to see them in the Gallery.


Can you add to our craft section?

Send your pictures to stellacdouglas@gmail.com

This is called 'Late Winter' - A journey through the countryside. Made of tweed from Woolfest and other fabrics.Some details in stitching.Sue Allen Click on the picture to see a detailed version.

Thanks Sue

to see a bigger version go to Craft Gallery

Dorothy's Unicorn

See bigger versions of Joan's lovely work on the Gallery

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Project 1 - design a wine label by Terry Douglas

Project 2 - the Miniaturists

Project 3


Look at Terry's Cork Art 

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Why is there a Peregrine Falcon on this label?

These are not adverts.

Just things which might be of interest

Remember Jason Skill. 

I am very grateful that he has allowed me to add his website to this.

Thanks Jason.


Worth a look.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Fiona Carvell has put two drawing sessions for free access on her facebook page. She is also putting together an online pastels course starting 3rd April (not free). thought perhaps some members may be interested..

If people contribute, three galleries of photos will appear on this site so that you can see the arts and crafts produced by the community.