Craft Gallery

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Eigg and Rum from Arisaig

Thanks Olwen

Thanks to Max for a picture of the log basket he crafted

Sue Allen

The titles are:‘Cow parsley on the Woolley road’ and ‘Autumn hedgerow berries’.

Olwen's felty Cheviot

...... it was Max.......

Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddleduck


Olwen's Felty Sheep, Vicarage Ducks above and Shelducks at sunset

more from Dorothy .......

I think we are going to need an exhibition!

This is called 'Late Winter' - A journey through the countryside. Made of tweed from Woolfest and other fabrics.Some details in stitching.

Sue Allen

Name a dragon?


Dorothy Bell's Dragon! and Unicorn!

name a Unicorn?

what is a unicorns name?