The Miniaturists

A huge THANKS to the Scottish Gallery for the permission to publish the pictures below.

Debra's Dolphins - left and Lesley's miniatures right and above.

Joan's lovely miniatures and Dave's message

Hexham&Slaley Miniaturists

Welcome to a challenge for artists and crafters.

There is a long history of people producing miniature pictures.

Recently I went to an exhibition by the Scottish Gallery where they had challenged artists to produce pictures 3x3 inches or 7.5x7.5cm. This challenge resulted in a huge variety of outcomes: water colours, ink on fabric, oil paint, collage, pencil and much, much more.

what to do......

Produce a piece of art or craft 3x3 inches or 7.5x7.5 cm: it should be an original piece designed to those dimensions and not something cut from a larger picture. It can be paint, ink, pencil, embroidery, crochet, knitting or weaving and lazy daisy - it could be on wood, paper, clay, in-fact, as long as it is an original piece of work it will be fine.

Take a photo of your art/craft and send it to me ( so that I can put it into the gallery on the website or keep it safe so that we can create an exhibition.

Is there a prize? I guess that if we get enough interest we can have a vote! Try to encourage anyone you know to participate, especially if they are at a loose end during the virus isolation days.

a little bit of history

Portrait miniatures first appeared in the 1520s, at the French and English courts. Like medals, they were portable, but they also had realistic colour. The earliest examples were painted by two Netherlandish miniaturists, Jean Clouet working in France and Lucas Horenbout in England.

Look on the Galleryfor a bigger view of Dave Belcher's miniature


watch out for many more ......

please do share this website with anyone that you think might need a challenge

You don't have to live in Hexham or Slaley to join in.

All welcome