Vasse Felix

Thanks to Kate Norman of Vasse Felix for replying to my email.

The Peregrine Falcon on our label relates back to the story below from our founder (Dr Thomas Brendan Cullity) and his early days at Vasse Felix:

'The bird on the Vasse Felix label is a Peregrine Falcon. It has been on the Vasse Felix label since the first vintage and draws from an early story in the vineyards.

The first Vasse Felix vintage in 1971 from four year old vines was disheartening, with most of the fruit either destroyed by rot or eaten by native birds. To protect the grapes from bird damage during harvest, falconry was attempted.

The exercise, however, proved unsuccessful, as the first time the falcon was released to circle the vineyard it flew straight into the surrounding forest, never to return.'

I imagine Tom was hoping for a happier fate for his vineyards (which he did achieve with the second vintage in 1972), hence the use of 'Felix' in our name which translates to happy or lucky in Latin